Our Story 

Ralph Cowan, founder, started in the manufacturer’s representative world on January 2nd 1978. Previously he had been in the real estate business. Ralph was a 3rd generation florist and spent his early business experience working in the family business and owning several florist shops of his own.

Immediately out of school he sold paint, wallcovering, floor and wall tile to contractors and the retail markets.

In January 1980 Cowan Associates was formed. This company was started as a contract furniture representative group. This company represented some of the best quality and well known lines in the industry during that time. Contract furniture, lighting, fabrics, and accessories were part of the company’s growth areas.

Ron Cowan joined his father in 1984 and they expanded the business in all fields concentrating on the Contract business and the hospital, Senior Care and nursing home areas. Hospitality and Senior Care representatives were almost nonexistent at this time.

Mike Cowan joined his father and brother in 2003 after college where he excelled in Soccer. After college mike worked as a customer relations expert receiving many awards for his work.

Cowan Industries was founded in 2012 to concentrate on Hospitality, casinos, all aspects of the growing Senior Living areas and some parts of health care in general.

In the past nine years they have partnered with some of the very best furnishings manufacturers in their respective fields. Because their clients work with all brands the Cowans manufacturers have products in properties from coast to coast.

When you think of projects like Hospitality, Senior Living, stadiums, arenas, casinos and restaurants you should be thinking about the Cowans.

Their philosophy has always been to find the right people to work with and introduce them to the very best manufacturers available and build that partnership of trust and respect for all concerned.

If you are looking for quality products aligned with service and above all, communications between all parties, ask for quotes from the Cowan's furnishings partners. It just might be what you are looking for.